"I developed an appreciation of wood
at an early age. This has grown over the
years into an understanding of its nature
and knowledge of how best to work with it
to produce unique pieces."

Wooden furniture handmade in Indiana

At Furnivall London, we draw on a heritage of 160 years of experience, stretching back 5 generations.

We believe that a piece of wooden furniture should offer a lifetime of joy and pleasure, through its use, how it feels and as a thing of beauty in its own right.

Working mainly with cherry, walnut, oak, maple, beech, ash and pine, we use a blend of traditional and modern construction techniques to translate commissions into individual and unique pieces that fit their surroundings and fulfil their desired purpose.

Our website is currently under construction, so do check back later, but in the meantime please visit our facebook page for images and more information. Alternatively do drop us an email or call. We’d love to talk to you about your next furniture project.